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Entering Slovenia in the Misty Rain 1
Misty Mountains
Entering Slovenia in the Misty Rain 2
Slightly curious looking but very tasty meal at an Open Door Farmhouse
Lake Bled - a Postcard Pic
Lake Bled with the church Island
Lake Bled with the church Island 2
Slovenian Woods 1
Slovenian Woods 2
Dinner at a Serbian Resturant
Fruit Salad
Seedheads on the Hot South
Smoke Tree in the Hot South
The Bridge off the Karst Land
The Fortified Church at Hrastovlje in the Hot South 2
The Fortified Church at Hrastovlje in the Hot South 1
The Hot South Lands
Vinyards in the Hot South Lands
The Short Slovenian Coast in the Distance
Cerknisko Jezero periodical lake 1
Cerknisko Jezero periodical lake 2
Cerknisko Jezero periodical lake 3
Cerknisko Jezero periodical lake 4
Cerknisko Jezero periodical lake 5
Cerknisko Jezero periodical lake 6
Karst Land
Karst Land with Village on the Brink
Karst Waterfall
Damsel Fly
Horny Grasshoppers
Unknown Flower
Alpine Seedhead
Moss Tuft
Wild Fungi 1
Wild Fungi 2
Wild Fungi 3
Wild Fungi 4
Wild Fungi 5
Gathering Dinner 1
Gathering Dinner 2
Gathering Dinner 3 - well, i could have
Green Mountain River 1
Green Mountain River 2
Green Mountain River 3
Green Mountain River 4
The High Alps in the Distance
The Alps in the Bohinj Area 1
The Alps in the Bohinj Area 2
The Alps in the Bohinj Area 3
Bohinjska Bistrica 1
Bohinjska Bistrica 2
Bohinjska Bistrica 3
Bohinjska Bistrica 4
Bohinjska Bistrica 5 - climbing the surrounding hills
Bohinjska Bistrica 6 - the high meadows
Bohinjska Bistrica 7 - The High Meadows
Bohinjska Bistrica Railway
Bohinjska Bistrica Railway Station 1
Bohinjska Bistrica Railway Station 2
Bohinjska Bistrica Railway Station 3
Bohinjska Bistrica Railway Station 4
Lake Bohinj 1
Lake Bohinj 2
Lake Bohinj 3
Lake Bohinj 4
Lake Bohinj 5
Bohinj Moon
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 1
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 2
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 3
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 4
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 5
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 6
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 7
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 8 - path off into the mist
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 9 - HOW high are we
Climbing Mount Crna Prst 10

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