Travel/Location Gallery

A gallery of my Location based research photographs. Most of these were taken to document various trips I made for the purposes of my writing - or for the pure fun of exploring a location and documenting it!  You can find some much more recent explorations of location on my Flickr stream.

Kent Snow Series  

Snow in Kent

A simple sequence of minimalist images of that rare phenomenon, snow.

Kent Coast Gallery  

Various Shots of the Kent Coast

Kent has a surprisingly varied coastline. Everything from the bleak marshes of the Thames to the White Cliffs.

Graveney Marsh  

Graveney Marsh

This was one of the hottest days of the year - and i was nuts enough to be out in it! Walking a short stretch of the Saxon Shore Way Path between Whitstable and Faversham. I was so knocked out by the heat that i didn't get many photos of this place - the whole trip ended up rather dream-like. But this small area was such a curious, affecting environment that i am glad i managed to catch a little of it here.

Birchington promenade  

Birchington Promenade

A surreal section of coast stretching between Minnis Bay and Epple Bay on the north Kent coast. Above the cliffs is Birchington and normalcy - but down here is this curiously removed and secluded world where ruined structures immerge from the chalk. Ruins that are downright eerie sometimes.



Without a doubt, one of the strangest and most surreal places in the country. This follows on from the gallery above, giving a more detailed look at the last Kent location.


Suffolk - the Bulcamp Marshes, Dunwich etc.

An eerie world of flat marshy coast and the threat of erosion. Dunwich especially is famous for having mostly vanished into the sea.



Dartmoor and Wistman's Wood

Another of the strangest places in the UK - and, like many of them, strange not because it is a wilderness but because that wilderness is largely man made - in this case a very long time ago. It is a place with its own style, especially evident in Wistman's Wood - a small grove of ancient stunted oaks - one of the most amazing woods I have ever seen and the setting of my story The Magpies.

Scottish Braes  

The Scottish Braes

Near Avimore in the heart of the scottish wilderness. Once again, a surreal touch is provided by the influences of people - abandoned houses, rough wild roads etc . . .


A Few London Shots

This is very limited. I am not very good at city photography - i always end up rushing and thus messing them up. Still, here are a few shots from some of the more vibrant parts of the Capital - Camden Market, Soho and the London Eye. Hopefully this section will expand.

Above the Clouds  

Above the Clouds

I had never flown before, ok! So cut me some slack! Above the clouds is a place - quite an amazing place in fact. Definitely a wonder worth documenting, with that vast white landscape spread out below you . . .



Slovenia Tourist-Style Gallery

Slovenia is a sweet country, especially when you see it as a tourist! For its size (approximately equal to the south-west of England) it is a very diverse place, stretching from the alps in the north down to the hot Mediterranean land in the south.

Overwinter in the Alps  

Overwinter in the Alps

For those used to the sweet, chocolate box image of the alps, there was something almost profound about seeing it in the deep winter. Here was a chance to see snow utterly different from anything the UK is ever hit by. Snow that actually means something. Snow with significance!



One thing the tourist guides tend not to mention is the very strange atmosphere that hangs over the capital city of Ljubljana. It's a bizarre mix of the sweet and the grim - the cheerful and the run down. And the whole with a big streak of melancholy running through it! It's a mix that resonated with me a lot and i regret not exploring it more with my camera. However, you know what i am with city photography! Ljubljana is also the setting of my novella The Whispering Girl.