Photography Gallery


A gallery of my more 'artistic' photographic works.  This is split into numerous galleries, including a main exhibition area, a nature gallery and several more specialist galleries.  The first devoted to the more experimental and surreal work, with much use of macro and limited lighting. 


Main Gallery   This is the Main Exhibition area of the site - a large collection of my more experimental photography.
Nature Gallery   A gallery of images of nature in various forms. Rarely straightforward wildlife and landscape photography though - this is nature seen through a dreamy and phantasmagorical lens. 
Bubblefield Series   Bubblefield - A short sequence of images - highly abstract.
Burning Shell   An image sequence featuring an incinerated shell. Yup.
Icescape Series   Icescape - A set of simple experimental shots using ice.
Ink Devil Series   Ink Devil - Drops of ink in water - nothing more, nothing less.
Waterworks Series   Waterworks - It's amazing what you can do with just a bit of water in a bowl . . .
sLOVEnian Pink  

Self-Portrait - sLOVEnian Pink

Ok - here's the story. These were taken when in Slovenia in response to a challenge by a pink-obsessed friend of mine to go to the shop and do a photoshoot with the first Pink things that caught my eye. There wasn’t actually much that could be called ‘Pink’ in the food area – perhaps not surprisingly. Pink is not really a food colour! This is what I ended up with - the things I do for art!

The Grotesque  

Self-Portrait - The Grotesque.

Late one night - cant sleep. The camera is there . . . it's amazing what you can do while lying in bed with just that camera and a tiny torch. Warning - perhaps not suitable for those of a nervous disposition!